Pet Pictures

We have started a photo album with pictures of the neighborhood pets.  This can serve as a way to identify strays if you see one wandering around.  Please forward a good photo of your pet and well add it to the page.


Have you started thinking about Halloween yet?  Akiko is very excited about it this year.  We noticed last year that our end of the street was pretty low key about the day. She's planning on trying to improve that this year.

Carmel Brooks Home

The Unofficial Web Home for Residents of Carmel Brooks Way

Welcome Neighbors!

You've landed on my meager first attempt at a web site for our street.  The idea is to have a place where we can share information of use to each other.  Off the top of my head, this could include things like:

  • Neighborhood Watch Info
  • Lost Pets
  • Planned Events
  • Birth Announcements
  • Holiday Decoration Plans
  • Baby Sitter Registry
  • Kids/Play Group Notices
  • Classifieds/Garage Sales

Really, anything that is helpful to the neighborhood and appropriate to a family audience is fair game. 

Want to Contribute?

If you are good with web design or graphics and want to contribute, please let me know.  Even if you just want to help with keeping the text content up to date, or have photos you'd like to share, that would be welcome.

Do you have any other ideas?  I'd like to hear them!  Use the contact form to send a message.

Carmel Brooks Block Party

block party

Hope you had a good time!

Well I sure had a nice time cooking, eating and visiting with everyone.  I hope you had fun too.  Akiko has posted some pictures of the party.  They can be found using the "Photo Albums" link above, or directly here: Block Party Photos.

Lost and Found Items

When all the cleanup was done, we realized we had a couple new items to put away!  If you are the owner of a pair of ladies black sandals, or a wood TV tray, give us a holler and come and get them.

Neighborhood Mailing List

As a way to help us communicate better, I have created a List Server email mailing list for our use.  If you've never used one of these, it allows you to reach everyone on the list without having to know the individual email addresses.  You just send a message to the list and it turns around and forwards the email to all the list members.  Again, in the case of a lost child or pet, this would be a good way to get your message out quickly to everyone.  To prevent spamming, I'm not going to post the address here!  Use the contact form to request to be added.

Carmel Brooks Email

Get an Email Address

Tired of your current email address?  Would you like a more descriptive one than Suzie222 @  Get yourself a free email address on the domain name.  Use the contact form to request one.  It is totally free - but only available to my neighbors living on Carmel Brooks Way.  You have two options here: 1) forward mail from your Carmel Brooks account to your current one, or 2) Ditch your current address and only use the Carmel Brooks one. In the latter case, POP/SMTP/IMAP and webmail are available.  I'll help you get started.

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